Wireless LED Technology

Our wireless LED wristbands and LED beach balls create environments that bring people together.

Wireless LED In Action At Super Bowl


Unlimited Options Our patented LED technology can be used in many different environments. and is compact enough to be integrated into many different form factors, with bespoke solutions available on request. From interactive art installations to large format displays, the only limitation is your imagination.
Complete Control Our systems use addressable radios to allow designers to control each device individually. GMT devices are intelligent and can interact with each other or with set pieces that are made with Glow Motion. GMT’s control system is wireless allowing creators more flexibility when designing concepts that bring people and objects into the show.
Compact and Efficient Our compact technology fits in the trunk of a car and can be set up and fully operational in minutes, allowing designers to iterate quickly and on the fly anywhere.
Cost Effective Not only a pretty bracelet, GMT's LED wristbands can double as your event's credentialing system. And, our devices can be rented or purchased depending on your budget.


Our full service production department can take your event from idea to execution. Need customized LED devices with original programming content? We’ve got you covered. Need training for your operators or full-service event management? We can do that, too.

Best of all, with locations all over the world, GMT can support even the most challenging event schedules.